Day 24 | “Because He Lives”

For the next 7 days, I will be paying tribute to a vanishing style of music, the hymn. First and foremost, I sing these to give tribute to God who gave me my voice and set me on this year long odyssey. I learned to sight read music by singing […]

Day 23 | “On the Street Where You Live

Yet another one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite tenors, Mario Lanza. The last time I performed with this piece was with my wife at Trenton’s sesquicentennial. It was a very fond memory of her and I performing together, and singing this song brought back fond memories. […]

Day 22 | “You Are So Beautiful”

Well, this morning was the rain portion of “rain or shine” as I sang this Joe Cocker tune under the overpass. It’s funny, it was raining pretty hard on my way out there, but as soon as I got through singing this tune under the overpass, the rain just almost […]

Day 21 | “Someone To Watch Over Me”

I just love this Jazz tune and it really was fun to sing under the overpass. Two things happened this morning,..I got questioned by a police officer,..again *chuckle*. It is alumni weekend here in Trenton and he had ample reason to stop me when I pulled off to the side […]

Day 20 | “Let It Be”

I love this song by The Beatles. It was specifically requested by a co-worker at the shelter. Sometimes it’s good to let it be. You can follow / catch up at the 1st link below, make song requests and help support this odyssey. ALL proceeds will go to the Green […]

Day 19 | “Una furtiva lagrima

I figured that it was time to get back to my roots. This aria is one of my favorite and as a favorite among other Tenors as well. I didn’t have the car’s headlights this morning so it’s a bit dark. From Wikipedia: “Una furtiva lagrima” (A furtivetear) is the […]

Day 18 | “Faithfully” & KCHI Radio Interview

Probably one of the best Rock Ballads written and performed by one of the best Rock bands, Journey. Like Freddie, Steve Perry was another front man I admired. His vocals seem to defy imagination. I got the pleasure of being on Chillicothe’s own radio station KCHI 102.5 FM / 1010 […]

Day 17 | “Be My Love”

Yep, this is a sappy song…and I love it for two reasons. One, was performed by one of my all time favorite Tenors, Mario Lanza, and two, and this reason is the most important, I think of my beloved wife Sonja. Sweety, this night is for you. You can follow […]

Day 16 | “God Bless America” & Interview

Today was a very different day for singing under the overpass. I was being interviewed by a Kansas City station FOX 4 News ( by a very professional and personable reporter Judy Le ( Link to Fox 4 interview: I had to do multiple take, an interview and I […]

Day 15 | “We AreThe Champions”

Former front man of Queen, Freddie Mercury, was a vocal god of rock. That cat could do things with his voice that just amazed me. While I’m a pale substitute, this song is the first I ever heard from this monster group and singer of Rock. R.I.P. Freddie. You can […]