Robert Wimer

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Robert Wimer is an Author and Singer. He has authored several books including his children's book "Super-ginormous-dog-a-mundo-saurus, a book that emphasises the importance of animal adoptions from local animal shelters. Robert has sung many principle solo roles in major choral works as well as many styles including Classical, Jazz, Christian, Pop, Rock and more. His latest album "In a Sentimental Mood" is an album of Standards that shows off his vocal talents and beautiful phrasing. Robert is a happy and proud husband and father.
Cadenza - a Flash Fiction Story


The dream was always the same, like a bad sitcom that neither incorporated a laugh track or safe direction. The actors were played by myself and a “surprise guest,” cast by a familiar entity that had yet to be seen until the final episode of this morose comedy of terror […]Read more »