What’s This All About?

One day, as I was walking to work, I coughed under the overpass, which was on my way.  I was amazed at the sound I heard as it reverberated throughout the area.  From that one small cough began my singing under the overpass.This whole endeavor comes down to just one simple thing, one reason why I’m doing this silly thing,..I do this to keep my sanity.  I’m a singer that longs to live a life where my revenue comes from singing.  To keep my mind in a good place, I’ve found that I must do something creative in the area of music every day.  I feel that God has provided a means to do this and I’m happy to utilize it.  While this whole undertaking may seem odd to most, to me, it is one of my favorite parts of the day.  Below is a vid that goes into the story of how this developed.

As this continued, a Facebook friend of mine suggested that this might be a good fundraising effort for the Green Hills Animal Shelter.  She had a GREAT idea, so now, this simple creative endeavor has now turning into a means for helping the critters.

So here’s how it will go.

Each day, I’ll sing a tune that will comprise, at the very least, one verse and chorus.  The songs will be varied in style.  My goal, to do a song every day for a year (and hopefully longer, God willing).  Depending upon the day and time, there might be more traffic than I would like, which will interrupt the songs, but I will get through them.  Remember, one verse & chorus will constitute a song.  You can request a song here.

If you want to help out and be a part of the fun, you can check out the “GoFundMe” widget off to the right or visit the main page here.


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