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The Natural Artistry of Singing vocal coach

If you are looking for a vocal coach, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve developed a technique called The Natural Artistry of Singing.  Here’s what it’s about.

As a vocal coach, I developed The Natural Artistry of Singing as a method of teaching voice that allows the student to have a natural and effortless technique which gives them better range, power, the ability to sing virtually any style of music and gives them the confidence to sing like a pro. This method also gives the student the tools to create the mindset of a professional, which gives them confidence under any situation.  This is not an overnight process and any vocal coach worth their weight in salt will not tell you otherwise.  The Natural Artistry of Singing works within the areas of speaking voice that incorporate elements of singing and expands upon them.  Through this process, progress comes quickly with little frustration involved.  As a singer with over 30 years of performing & teaching experience, I understand the need to quickly take on proper technique to sing beautifully.  With The Natural Artistry of Singing, that technique can be learned quickly and applied to the voice to leap over problem areas so the singer can see steady improvement.

If you wish to contact me, I can give lessons in person or online.

If you wish to check out my YouTube videos, they are listed below with the most recent first.

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