The Tale of Super-ginormous-dog-a-mundo-saurus

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Some time ago, I wrote the children’s story “Super-ginormous-dog-a-mundo-saurus” and I put it into a book,..and now, this video. Thanks Jim Norris for the illustrations,..they are ROCKIN’ and my Mom Betty Wimer for the narration, sweet.

Today is a big day for Penny,..she’s going to get her new puppy from the local animal shelter. Penny has an idea of what her new furry friend will be like, but her mom and dad have a different idea. Penny’s dreams turn into a nightmare. Will Penny get a perfect puppy or will it be a super-ginormous-dog-a-mundo-saurus? This children’s book not only teaches kiddos and adults about the importance of adopting animals from local animal shelters, it also talks about how love comes in different shapes and sizes. A portion of all sales will go to support local animal shelters.

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