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September 1, 2015

TRENTON, Mo. — A man has vowed to sing one song per day under an area overpass for a whole year in order to help homeless animals.

Read more and watch the interview here.

A Trenton Man will sing a song a day for an entire year as he raises money to support the Green Hills Animal Shelter. Robert Wimer is Singing Under the Overpass to support the cause. Wimer says this began after finding this unique spot by chance.  He will perform a different song every day for a year. Wimer says the location is under the US 65 bridge at Highway 6 and he is generally singing late at night.  You can listen to the interview here.


Here is my KTTN interview for “Open Line” with John Anthony in it’s entirity.  KTTN is a part of the PAR Broadcasting Group.  Main website: | Facebook:

The entire interview can be heard here.

The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune did a wonderful article about me singing for the critters under the overpass.  They also did a recording of me singing “Night & Day”

Article can be read here
Video (“Night and Day”) can be viewed here

TRENTON, Mo. — Robert Wimer stands under an overpass every day, singing everything from contemporary hits to oldies to opera. His songs aren’t just to entertain passersby, but to help a worthy cause.  You can read the article here and watch the video here.

If you’ve driven through the overpass just outside of Trenton, Missouri over the past few weeks you may have heard singing.

A Trenton man has been singing under an overpass everyday for a good cause.

For 53 consecutive days, kennel supervisor for the Green Hills Animal Shelter Robert Wimer has been singing under an overpass and he plans to sing there everyday for a year.  Read / See the interview here.

Robert Wimer is performing songs on the side of Highway 65 in Trenton every day for a year. His choices cover a wide range of styles, from hymns to show tunes to rock standards to songs from TV shows.

Read the rest of the article and view the video here.


I got the pleasure of being interviewed for “Good Morning Heartland”.  If you missed it, you can view it here.

I got featured in my hometown paper.  Quite an honor and I’m proud.  You can read the article here.

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