Day 33 | “Star Trek” Theme DS9

I’m going to go ahead and just say for the record that this was the least of my favorite out of all the Star Trek series. Deep Space 9 only got interesting when they got into the war with the dominion. I don’t even want to talk about the religious […]

Day 32 | “Star Trek” Theme TNG

I will say that when Picard and the rest of his crew came out as the new crew of the Enterprise, I was a little skeptical, and the first year was somewhat painful, but in later seasons, the series would prove to be totally awesome! Interestingly enough, this composition, composed […]

Day 31 | “Star Trek” Theme TOG

I will say that doing the theme song to the old Star Trek that I know & love was perfect with all the cars! The “swoosh” as they went by was like the Enterprise passing by at warp speed!!! *chuckle*…I cracked on the top and final note only because I […]

NEW THEME!!!…”Star Trek”

Ok,…so I just got done with 7 days of hymns and I loved singing them, but now comes my second theme….STAR TREK!!!! As some of you know, I’m a HUGE Trekkie! I will be singing the opening title theme to the five franchises, which are: Star Trek TOG Star Trek […]

Day 30 | “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

On the 7th day of the 7 hymns, this one woke me up. The St. Joseph Community Chorus performed this piece some time ago and I was thrilled to be a voice in that mighty chorus. For me, this is a perfect hymn to end the theme for the week. […]

Day 29 | “Be Still and Know That I Am God” & Interview

On day 6 out of 7 days of hymns, I decided to sing something out of the original hymn book, the Psalms. Psalm 46 gives comfort to those in need. The parts of this hymn that I will sing goes as follows: “God is our refuge and strength, A very […]

Day 28 | “O God Our Help In Ages Past”

On day 5 out of 7 days of hymns, it felt good to sing in the daylight. It felt so good that I chose this hymn which, to me, felt triumphant. You can follow / catch up at the 1st link below, make song requests and help support this odyssey. […]

Day 27 | “Fairest Lord Jesus”

On day 4 out of the 7 hymns, this seemed like a perfect “middle”. I’ve always loved the tenderness of the melody and the beauty of the words. You can follow / catch up at the 1st link below, make song requests and help support this odyssey. ALL proceeds will […]

Day 26 | “I Need Thee Every Hour”…Remembering 9/11

This hymn seems only appropriate on this day of remembrance. For many, the wounds of that day are still fresh. For me, I only know that Jesus is my rock during this time and I need him every hour. You can follow / catch up at the 1st link below, […]

Day 25 | “I Love To Tell the Story”

For whatever reason, this hymn just seems to “fit” today. It came about while I was in prayer, asking God a question as I often do. I asked my brothers and sisters in Christ on Facebook to offer up their prayers and to give me a word from God. This […]