Will Speaking Words of Doubt Kill Faith?

Will Speaking Words of Doubt Kill Faith?

There are some brothers and sisters within the Christian faith that say that you should not even utter doubt about what God can do for you, otherwise it counters faith, and the thing that you hope for will not happen because you doubted it and spoke it into existence. You […]

When and How Christians Should Speak Up

​When and How Christians Should Speak Up

When and how should Christians speak up about the world around them?  Should we separate ourselves from matters of state?  Here’s what God has to say. Lets take a look at Psalm 148 and get our foundation prepared for God’s perspective. This particular portion of Psalms 148 speaks to the […]

BULLYING,..Why Turning the Other Cheek Made It Worse

BULLYING,..Why Turning the Other Cheek Made It Worse

Bullying SUCKS!  When I was a kid, I got bullied.  I was taught to turn the other cheek and that violence was not the answer.  Most likely, it was the worst advice I ever got. Being bullied,…yeah, it sucks!  Most of us got picked on.  Our names were made fun […]

Dancing on Lily Pads | Creative Commons

“Dancing on Lily Pads” | Creative Commons

This tune has a light feel.  Good for background music.  Time:  1:41 Download & Use Dancing on Lily Pads by Robert Wimer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://robertwimer.com/dancing-lily-pads-creative-commons/.  This media is under the Creative Commons.  Here’s what it’s all about.

Dad Wants A Dog Radio Spot

“Dad Wants A Dog” Radio Spot

This is a radio spot I made for the Green Hills Animal Shelter in Trenton, MO.  I wrote and produced the whole thing.  My youngest played my kiddo and I played the dad.  For anyone that needs a simple little jingle spot on the radio, give me a shout out […]

Two Steps Back | Creative Commons

Two Steps Back | Creative Commons

This tune can be performed in a church setting, but it’s not just for that venue.  This song has a bluesy feel and has a slower tempo.  The performance is below. Lyrics: 1. Storm clouds commin’ while I salt the Earth There’s blisters on my hands These lines on my […]

Fill Me Up Creative Commons

Fill Me Up | Creative Commons

This is a song I wrote awhile back.  It has a Southern Gospel feel to it.  This song can be used to uplift a congregation.  Fill Me Up can be done as a solo or with a choir, as I used the church choir in the video below. Lyrics: Verse […]

The Step-Dad Dilemmas

The Step-Dad Dilemmas | Creative Commons

For close to forty years, I was single with no kids. One day, the most wonderful woman came into my life. I married her and had an instant family of three wonderful kids. …it’s not been easy…not at all. From being foot loose and fancy free to being a Step-dad […]

Not Again Clickbait

“Not Again” (Clickbait) | Creative Commons

You update your antivirus program regularly and are careful about where you go, but your system gets hacked anyway. You log into your social network, but you find out that your profile has been hijacked. You, and your friends take every precaution you can think of to avoid getting a […]