Stop data loss

How to Stop Running Out of Data

It’s the end of the month and you’ve blown through your data.  “Where did it go?!”  Here’s how to find and plug the holes and have more data per month.

The Holy City

In the Sweet Bye and Bye

What will the Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom have to look forward to in the Millenium reign of Jesus and the New Heaven/Earth?

Messenger tutorial

Facebook Messenger Tutorial for iPhone 2018

Facebook Messenger is an app with a TON of features. This tutorial will get you up and running in no time. You’ll learn how to: -Message friends and family pictures/video -Create and manage groups -Call and video chat with others -Send money to family and friends and much more.

UFO Disclosure

And You Will Be Like God

What is happening to our world?  Chaos, division, and hopelessness are everywhere.  It seems that more people are not looking towards each other for help, but are looking up,..but not to God.

The Pegan Prophets

The Pagan Prophets

Does God use pagans as prophets?  I believe that He does, and uses books, movies, music, TV and other forms of media to send His message through what has been known as “predictive programming”.

Coming to Jesus Testimony

Coming to Jesus Testimony

Before I came to Jesus, I was into the occult. I got into it so heavily that I was in contact with demons, attacked others in the spiritual plane, helped others in satanic rituals and much more. This is my personal testimony of coming back to God through the only […]

world chaos

Our Society is Tearing Itself Apart! Where is God?

We watch the evening news, read horrific posts and listen to the growing chaos enveloping our world and we wonder “where’s God?”  Would it surprise you to know that a prophet in the Old Testament had the same question?  Here’s God’s response: While the book of Job deals with a […]