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Jesus Loves Me | Day 343

Jesus Loves Me starts off how I will end this project.  From this time on, until day 365, I will be singing nothing but hymns to give thanks to God.

Jesus Loves Me is a sweet song that is the first of 22 hymns that will be done to close out the project.  I know that this will disappoint many and make others glad, but I’m not thinking about that right now, nor for the rest of the time under the overpass.  My thoughts will be on God and how good he has been to me, how He has never left my side during this whole project and how God will never leave me, even after this silly thing has been long forgotten.

These two pictures really started this whole idea off.

Dawn Rainbow

Dusk Rainbow

The first picture was taken at dawn while I was beginning my day.  The second was taken at dusk as I was ending my day.  These rainbows, to me, are like bookends to a great time I had.  I know that God, most likely, didn’t just look at me and say “you know, Robert’s been really good, I’m going to bless his day with two rainbows”,..or maybe He did.  I don’t know and I really don’t care,..all I care about is that God put them there and I got to see them and the occurrences really had a profound effect on my spirit.  God has been with me through the good and the bad.  He has never left my side, even when I left Him.  He has given me this project, the strength to do it, money to the shelter (a bi-product) and will be with me when things wind down.  This is why I place Him first, to the best of my ability, and I fail, but He loves me and forgives me when I say “I’m sorry”.  Because of my love for Him, I’m dedicating the remainder of these days to singing His praises in the form of hymns.

Only 22 days left…


Yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so
Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong
They are weak but he is strong

Yes Jesus loves me
Oh, yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so

Pressing on the up away
Always guide me Lord I pray
Undeserving, and stubbornly never fail to love me still

Yes Jesus loves me
Oh yes Jesus loves me
Oh yes Jesus loves me, for the Bible tells me so
Yes Jesus loves me, love
Oh yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so
For the Bible tells me so

that I’m never alone
See, sometimes I’m lonely but never alone
For the Bible tells, for the Bible tells
For the Bible tells me so

See I know that he loves me
Whether I’m right, whether I’m wrong

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You can follow / catch up, make song requests and help support this odyssey at the links above. I will keep this GoFundMe cause open throughout the year and close it out once this is over and present the check to the shelter where it will help a lot of critters. Check out the critters at

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