Books I’ve Written


“Super-ginormous-dog-a-mundo-saurus” (Paperback / Kindle Edition)

Description:  Today is a big day for Penny,..she’s going to get her new puppy from the local animal shelter. Penny has an idea of what her new furry friend will be like, but her mom and dad have a different idea. Penny’s dreams turn into a nightmare. Will Penny get a perfect puppy or will it be a super-ginormous-dog-a-mundo-saurus?

This children’s book not only teaches kiddos and adults about the importance of adopting animals from local animal shelters, it also talks about how love comes in different shapes and sizes.

A portion of all sales will go to support local animal shelters.

Out of Bondage and into Battle

“Out of Bondage and into Battle” (Paperback / Kindle Edition)

Description: Many Christians and non-believers are in a war zone and don’t even realize it. For most of my life, the kingdom of Satan had his victories in my life. Those victories caused me to go down the path of a wrecked life, a hatred of God and a path of darkness. This book gives you incite into how the prince of lies “tweaked” my life to go down the destructive road of dis-belief, how I came back and how I was called into battle by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s time to put on your armor and meet the enemy head on with the authority of Jesus Christ.

"The Step-Dad Dilemmas: Fear, Frustration, Failure & Success - The Real Stories of a Step-Dad"

 “The Step-Dad Dilemmas: Fear, Frustration, Failure & Success – The Real Stories of a Step-Dad” (Paperback / Kindle Edition)

 Description: For close to forty years, I was single with no kids. One day, the most wonderful woman came into my life. I married her and had an instant family of three wonderful kids. …it’s not been easy…not at all. From being foot loose and fancy free to being a Step-dad was quite a change. It’s been a rocky, uphill battle at times, full of fear, frustration, anger and success. This body of work is uncensored and raw in some spots. I make no apologies my feelings or the words I used to describe my experiences. I would rather be honest in my accounts because there are millions of Step-dads out there that most likely feel the same way.

You Are Healed...Now What?

“You Are Healed…Now What?” (Paperback / Kindle Edition)

Description: Now that you are healed from your illness / affliction by the power of Jesus Christ, what do you do now? It’s time to fill yourself up with God’s Word. This short book contains Scripture related to healing and the promises of Jesus Christ & God. Hold on to God’s promise of good health.

What God Has To Say About Money

“What God Has To Say About Money” (Paperback / Kindle Edition)

 Description: With approximately 2000 verses pertaining to money, God has a lot to say about the subject. In this very brief overview, this pocket book will provide you with sound financial advice from our Creator.

"Not Again!: How The Online "Bad Guys" Get Us and How You Can Beat Them!"

“Not Again!: How The Online “Bad Guys” Get Us and How You Can Beat Them!” (Paperback / Kindle Edition)

 Description: You update your antivirus program regularly and are careful about where you go, but your system gets hacked anyway. You log into your social network, but you find out that your profile has been hijacked. You, and your friends take every precaution you can think of to avoid getting a virus and dodge online scams, but the bad guys still get through. There is a reason for this, they know your internal programs and can literally manipulate you to do what they want. Well, it’s time to show you their tricks and give you the tools to FIGHT BACK!!! This book goes into the “how” the online bad guys get us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. This goes beyond software and the latest security gadget, this gets into our behavior and our internal programming.

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