Robert Wimer

About Robert Wimer

Robert Wimer is an Author and Singer. He has authored several books including his children’s book “Super-ginormous-dog-a-mundo-saurus, a book that emphasises the importance of animal adoptions from local animal shelters. Robert has sung many principle solo roles in major choral works as well as many styles including Classical, Jazz, Christian, Pop, Rock and more. His latest album “In a Sentimental Mood” is an album of Standards that shows off his vocal talents and beautiful phrasing. Robert is a happy and proud husband and father.

On Discernment and Deception, the alien deception

On Discernment and Deception

About a year ago, I gave a talk to my morning congregation at Fist Christian about discernment. My main idea, to make sure that we (Christians) need to be able to discern the truth ourselves and to not depend upon “experts” within our faith. In this talk, I gave a […]

Will Speaking Words of Doubt Kill Faith?

There are some brothers and sisters within the Christian faith that say that you should not even utter doubt about what God can do for you, otherwise it counters faith, and the thing that you hope for will not happen because you doubted it and spoke it into existence. You […]

Will Speaking Words of Doubt Kill Faith?

When and How Christians Should Speak Up

​When and How Christians Should Speak Up

When and how should Christians speak up about the world around them?  Should we separate ourselves from matters of state?  Here’s what God has to say. Lets take a look at Psalm 148 and get our foundation prepared for God’s perspective. This particular portion of Psalms 148 speaks to the […]