From the Shadows

In the natural world, I saw differences in others that is obvious.  Skin color, gender, height, age, and the like, were visible signs of differences, but not here, no, not at all.  What I saw was much more…real.

From the Shadows




Why do I keep screwing up is a question all of us ask. In this video, the process is revealed on why we do it and how we can stop it and live an abundant life that Jesus talks about (John 10:10).

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On Discernment and Deception, the alien deception

On Discernment and Deception

About a year ago, I gave a talk to my morning congregation at Fist Christian about discernment. My main idea, to make sure that we (Christians) need to be able to discern the truth ourselves and to not depend upon “experts” within our faith. In this talk, I gave a […]

Twitter PURPOSEFULLY BURIES Tweets They Don’t Like

Yep, Twitter purposefully buries Tweets they don’t care for.  Check out this live example and see the Tweets I posted on a “controversial” site. Here is what I Tweeted.  Notice the time.  I just posted it, so it should be on top,..or should stay on top. Now look.  This dude […]

Twitter PURPOSEFULLY BURIES Tweets They Don't Like

The National Anthem is “OFFENSIVE”, According to YouTube

According to YouTube, the National Anthem is considered “offensive” and was de-monitized because it was not “advertiser friendly”. Early this morning, I woke up to this email. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked.  When I checked the video (why should I check anyway….I mean, it’s the National Anthem), I […]

The National Anthem is "OFFENSIVE", According to YouTube

The Process of a Backslider

Backslider,..The Process of Becoming a Backslider

“Backslider!”  We’ve heard this term before and many Christians know what it means, but what is the process? Have you ever heard a Christian call another brother or sister a backslider?  Even though a Christian is saved by the grace of God through the blood of Jesus Christ, he or […]

Will Speaking Words of Doubt Kill Faith?

There are some brothers and sisters within the Christian faith that say that you should not even utter doubt about what God can do for you, otherwise it counters faith, and the thing that you hope for will not happen because you doubted it and spoke it into existence. You […]

Will Speaking Words of Doubt Kill Faith?

When and How Christians Should Speak Up

​When and How Christians Should Speak Up

When and how should Christians speak up about the world around them?  Should we separate ourselves from matters of state?  Here’s what God has to say. Lets take a look at Psalm 148 and get our foundation prepared for God’s perspective. This particular portion of Psalms 148 speaks to the […]